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Multidisciplinary practice


Multidisciplinary practice

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The multidisciplinary practice of British artist
Jock Mooney: 

I make sculptural and drawn installations, as well as producing hand drawn collages and prints. My sculptural works are unique and hand produced. I collaborate with Alasdair Brotherston on films - to date we have produced three highly acclaimed music promos.

I also sometimes sing my songs. Jock Mooney


The work of Polish Oxford based artist
Seczko, Natalia Seczkowska: 

Natalia Seczkowska completed her masters in visual communication in 2008 at the University of Arts in Poznan, Poland.


Works by Israeli artist
Esther Naor: 

In her
Esther Naor deals with such issues as personal vs. national and global history and memory, inter-cultural and trans-cultural identities, social conventions, and art and culture definitions. The works range from huge cooked rice forms and installations to small and fragile rice objects; and from disguised self-portrait photographs to short videos.


The work of British artist
Edd Pearman incorporates digital, painting, printmaking and sculpture: 

Pearman’s recent works utilize uniforms from national organizations as reference, for example: St. John’s Ambulance, Boys Scouts, Salvation Army etc. Through Pearman’s depiction of them as mostly solitary figures outside of their individual institutional contexts one sees the disbanded loners as suddenly melancholy, human and vulnerable. In other pieces, Pearman subverts the often-celebrated cool precision that uniforms tend to imply in order to suggest the other facets associated with them, chaotic, brutal or lethal.


The drawing, painting, sculpture and installation art of Brazilian artist
Pedro Varela: 

The cities
Pedro Vareladraws are far more connected to literature than to any reference in the visual arts. As if waiting for a text by Borges to accompany them, they reserve large blank spaces on the paper. They could also be mirages seen from afar by a character of A Thousand and One Nights, cities with female names like those by Italo Calvino, or castles from a tale we keep from the infancy of our experience in literature.

The work of Athens based multidisciplinary artist
Maria Lianou: 


The work of
Benny Droscher: 

Benny Droscher lives and works in Denmark. To read Martin Herbert's review of Droscher's opus published in Modern Painters see


The work of
Charlesworth, Lewandowski & Mann: 

[Charlesworth, Lewandowski & Mann, show]...a direct, no frills approach to the realisation of their ideas, intentionally making-do with a lexicon of commonplace building materials such as scaffolding and white goods as the props which speak in an eloquently immediate, no degrees of separation from a contemporary source, kind of voice...the artists allow history's specific bearings to be freely moved and remixed within the independently standing time and space continuum of their liberating gallery occupation, almost invoking the possibility of a new, properly inaccurate, skewed oral history in the making.


The work of
Robert Johansson: 

My artistic practice encompasses myths and hearsays, and how humans reflect themselves in relation to nature and animals. Using associative, illogical and alluring narratives, I primary works with drawing, pyrography, installation and sculpture.
R. Johansson

Harpa Dögg Kjartansdóttir graduated from the Department of Fine Arts of the Iceland Academy of the Arts in 2007.

In her art,
Harpa works with mixed media and various techniques but she has more recently focused on collages. In her works she takes found objects and places them out of context in order to give them a new meaning.

British artist and writer
Iris Priest, a graduate of the Cumbria Institute of the Arts, works in the mediums of drawing, painting, photography, printmaking, performance and sculpture. 

My practice is bound up with the exploration of art as a channel for discovery, for the cross-pollination of ideas and as a new means of communication. As an artist and writer I am concerned with promoting and nurturing a greater synergy between visual art and writing, both through my personal practice and through collaboration with other artists, writers and creative practitioners.
Iris Priest

Royal College of Art graduate
Sohaila Baluch works in the mediums of Digital, Installation, Photography, Printmaking, Video. View a selection of her works below: 

Sohaila Baluch's art seeks to explore the disparity between reality and fiction, brought on by our ever increasing dependance on the web. Her images question our attachment to mass media and communication, examining how limitless access to a wealth of information and imagery, both past and present has perhaps diluted our sensitivity to the real.


German artist
Margret Schopka  works in the mediums of land art, installation, sculpture and painting: 

For more than ten years I have been working in Iceland each year. Especially for in situ works I have discovered grass and moss. The loneliness and tranquillity, the power of nature and the beauty and barenness of the landscape with its exceptional mountain formations inspire my work as minimalistic comments thereupon.
Margret Schopka


The work of Virginia Commonwealth University/Parsons School of Design graduate Miss
Langdon Graves: 


Lisa Dillin is an artist primarily focused on sculpture based in Baltimore, MD. Adjunct faculty member at Corcoran College of Art + Design and American University in Washington DC.

This body of work represents a mental landscape, or office-scape. I use the office environment as a symbol or stand-in for contemporary culture at large. Stemming from an interest in the psychology of the individual in contemporary culture as contrasted with the primitive psychology of man, this work offers a synthesis that straddles both worlds, highlighting the tension between our former modus operandi and our current status. Lisa Dillin

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