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I have thinking about this for a while. What do other people feel? Is spiritual art an enlightening process for the artist or a bringing together of others? Or both?

(I did this painting for my mother, and it got me wondering)

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that is a powerful painting.!!
all things being equal, it may be the intention we put behind the art and during the creative process that determine if its nature is spiritual or not?
i would hope that other will relate to it and so i believe that it is good to share it.
to me a good test for the impact of a painting, is to see the reaction of young children :)
greetings friend, i was just passing by and read your comment; i must agree with you, as i have seen many people with big egos passing themselves as spiritual people, wolfs in sheeps clothing as master sananda once called them, but the new age is not the most profitable way to go for artists, as most of the art stars of our days and ages are those who are creating monstrosities, antiesthetic and violent images, pornography, or other such non-sense that are very far away from any kind of true values, outside of the financial aspect; to me most of those are intellectual frauds and they will not survive the shift;

in the light all is clear and no shadow can survive. i believe that a great light will soon come to inondate the world and then the path will be clear to heal the word and allign it with higher wisdom, a golden age will open up for everyone on this earth. i guess the only thing one can do about the dark forces is not to fall into the trap of conflict and the drama they seek to create in order to sustain their reality and their egocentric dominance, but perhaps to show compassion for they will soon have no place to hide...

spirituality and cognition facts and figures on a euclidean realm. the spirit i guess is universal or rather the particles that compose it however when those particles are able to talk to each other and organize themselves we got an organism. sometimes when dialogs get confuse entropy becomes paradoxical and the well-founded dialog brakes down into birth and death.



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