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I started this one with glueing an old worn and torn but still complete map of Holland onto the board.I cut out several pieces of other maps as well and glued them on.At the time (1995) the war in Bosnia was raging and I cut names of towns out and stuck them on.I made a happy colorfol and vibrant picture on top of it with lots of lines and dots.I wanted the warzones to appear only if you looked closely.By the time negotiations to end the war were going on, Russia was (seen as) a protagonist of peace, a supporter of Miloscevic, the indited war criminal.I decided they needed some common sense and peaceful thinking and prosperity, so I cut out Moscow from another map and glued it onto the town of Utrecht in the center of Holland (and the centre of the work), thus connecting their vibrations.I felt a little bit guilty,towards Utrecht,but decided they could handle it.To help them I then painted some hearts around it,and used glitter. .



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