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The Postal-Collage Project No. 1 is the inaugural endeavor of Round Table [Collaboration].

The project involves fifty collaborators assembled in ten groups, ranging in age from 4 to 82, hailing from the USA, Ireland, the UK, Denmark, France, Germany, and Australia. It began in September 2011, and in February 2012, the completed collages will be exhibited in Berkeley, California.

There are two international groups, while eight are USA only; four of these are limited to California. Three groups are made up of children.

The map below shows the traveling pattern of collages-in-progress as they are mailed around the globe by one of the two international groups, an Internet-based group of collaborators working under the name, Praxis.

Nine collages will pass through Berkeley (USA), Dublin (Ireland), Wigan (UK), Crewe (UK), Tewkesbury (UK), London (UK), Aude (France), Munich (Germany), and Sydney (Australia).

California locations include San Francisco, Berkeley, Oakland, Napa, Walnut Creek, Santa Cruz, El Dorado Hills, Davis, Chico, and Mariposa. Elsewhere in the USA, Portland, Oregon; Elmira, Ithaca, and New York City, New York. Collages are also passing through Hornbæk and Copenhagen, Denmark, and Melbourne, Australia.



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I received Kevin and Mike's conjoined collages this afternoon. Begun separately in England and France, they were combined and embellished in Germany, and after a developmental visit to New South Wales, arrived today in Berkeley.

Won't they need separating? Otherwise it f*cks up the whole sysytem? Dunnit?
You're correct, Mike; even though these pieces are presently conjoined, they remain two, individual pieces, insofar as both you and Kevin are entitled to complete what you each started. But, as I see it, the simple horizontal border where Cora connected them is no longer the only reasonable site of separation. Do you see what I mean? Great work Cora! You cast a strange spell!
Yes I see what you mean. It's like conjoined twins. Well done Cora, this is true negative gestalt - you've succeeded in making less out of more!!! The whole is now LESS than the sum of its parts! Truly testing the limits of collage. By the logic of the game they will need dividing - one way or another  - at the time they get to Kevin if not before. Otherwise how could I finish what I started? How could Kevin's collage end with him? My own feelings are the sooner the better...who has the courage to pick up the scalpel and make the life saving decision incision division?............but hey, que sera.....
Hehe. Just a digital split...
Yes, in one respect, Cora made less (1 collage) out of more (2 collages), but I think it is not negative gestalt, but rather a gestalt assault! The face stitches the two parts together, and then defies its own division! We see the human face as indivisible; more than the sum of its parts!
Sorry but I lose you at the end Marty. There's nothing necessarily wrong with negative gestalt.
I don't think there's anything wrong with negative gestalt either, it's just that I think she did more than that.
Yes, I see what you mean but in a world where less is more or can be but sometimes isn't don't such terms become questionable? Perhaps Cora did something different and unique. I think its a remarkable achievement and suspect we are in agreement that the fact that it poses problems for the rules of the project is no bad thing?
No bad thing at all!



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