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NEXT STAR ARTIST Competition 2008

Winner of Next Star Artist 2008 - nextstarartist.com

It is with great pleasure that I can announce the winner of the Next Star Artist competition (http://www.nextstarartist.com) for 2008 as being Herb Williams !!!

Thanks to everyone who entered the competition and to all the fantastic judges

Next Star Artist competition judges:

Rebecca Wilson: Saatchi Gallery - http://www.saatchi-gallery.co.uk
Amy Stein: Artist - http://www.amysteinphoto.com
Adam Simon: Fine Art Adoption Network - http://www.fineartadoption.net/
David Cohen: Artworld Digest Magazine - http://www.artworldigest.com
Shelley Esaak: About Network (Art History) - http://arthistory.about.com
Jon Feinstein: Humble Arts Foundation - http://www.humbleartsfoundation.org
Sandra Pattin: Florence Biennale - http://www.florencebiennale.org
Jay FC: Galleri HK - http://www.galleri.hk/
Paul Drake: Artist - http://www.artists.co.nz/drake/
Amani Olu: Humble Arts Foundation - http://www.humbleartsfoundation.org
Jodi Melfi: Absolute Arts - http://www.absolutearts.com
Morgan Croney: Artcards.cc - http://www.artcards.cc
Martin Hosking: Red Bubble: http://www.redbubble.com
Sixtine Crutchfield: Art Culture Studio: http://www.artculturestudio.com
Dion: Art News Blog - http://www.artnewsblog.com

Herb Williams Bio (http://www.herbwilliamsart.com):

I am interested in iconic objects that society perceives to fit one role, and then reintroducing them in different subtexts. There are several questions that arise when an object(such as a crayon) that is so often associated with childhood is used to address issues dealing with more adult matters. The sculptures are childlike in their curious approach to the object as icon, but intriguing and satisfying to me in the use of pure color as form. Larger room installations also add the element of playing to the olfactory sense. I hope that this body of work is my most successful in adding to the greater visual dialogue of original art. My intent is to continue to seriously create art that looks at itself unseriously.

Some of my influences are H.C. Westermann, Jasper Johns, Jim Dine, Cai Guo-Qiang, Sandy Skoglund, Liza Lu, David Mach, Charles Ray, Magritte, Duchamp, Jeff Koons, Damien Hirst, Robert Rauschenburg, Banksy, and Ai Weiwei.

I am the only individual in the world with an account with Crayola. I get these colors individually packed 3000 to a case. I cut down the sticks to the length I need by hand with either double guillotine cigar cutters or large breed dog nail clippers. I then bond the paper, not the wax, to a form I have carved or cast, completely enveloping the form. Lately I have been casting the completed crayon sculptures in a silicone jacket mold with a two-part epoxy resin and then painting the resin sculpture to look like the original, for a small edition. The sculptures beg to be touched, so when they are cast it makes the handling of them that much easier. (from http://www.herbwilliamsart.com)

image: Herb Williams in his studio

**Nicholas Forrest is an art market analyst, art critic and journalist based in Sydney, Australia. He is the founder of http://www.artmarketblog.com, writes the art column for the magazine Antiques and Collectibles for Pleasure and Profit and contributes to many other publications

The Next Star Artist Finalists - nextstarartist.com

Deciding who the ten finalists will be for the Next Star Artist competition has been an extremely difficult and long process but after having delayed the announcement for a week due to the overwhelming number of awesome entries I can now reveal the ten finalists, one of whom will be the Next Star Artist. Without further adieu, the ten finalists of the 2008 Next Star Artist competition are:
-Eunice Lieveld
-Zoe Crosse
-Elizabeth Wallace
-Simon Wright
-Hou Chien Cheng
-Seamus Nolan
-Herb Williams
-Volkan Diyaroglu
-Heidi Taillefer
-Monika Bielskyte

Congratulations to the ten finalists !!! Information on each of the finalists and images of their work will be posted on the Next Star Artist (http://www.nextstarartist.com) website in the next few days. The judging panel will now be given the details of each of the finalists and will have until the 26th of June to make their decision so that the winner can be announced on the 27th of June.

Good luck to all the ten finalists and thanks to everyone who entered.

Changes to Next Star Artist Judging Finalised

The huge number of positive responses that I received that are in favour of the final judging structure being changed from a public vote to the winner being decided by a panel of judges has given me more than enough reason to officially change the structure. To prevent any lobbying the identities of the judges will not be revealed until after the winner has been announced but I can tell you that they will include some very well known curators and art critics. With just over two weeks to go until entries close the excitement is really starting to build as entries continue to come in thick and fast. I am currently preparing a series of promotional opportunities for the winner of the competition which I am sure will be of great benefit to who ever is lucky enough to be the recipient of this great prize.

Entries close on the 23rd of May so if you are planning on entering the competition you had better start preparing your entry. Entry details can be found at http://www.nextstarartist.com but basically what you need to do is send in your bio, a brief artist’s statement and three pics of your work to nextstarartist@gmail.com and entry is free.

Changes to Next Star Artist Competition

Hi all,

I hope that everyone is well. As the Next Star Artist competition is an entirely new concept there were bound to be some areas that needed tweaking. The first change is the removal of the condition of entry that the winner of the competition must donate an artwork to the artmarketblog.com art collection. For those people out there that were opposed to the winner being required to donate an artwork, (even though there is no entry fee and I am doing this purely for artists) the winner DOES NOT have to donate an artwork now.
I am also proposing a change to the judging structure whereby the winner will be chosen from the ten finalists by a group of judges (30 or so) as opposed to a public vote. Each of the judges would be sent the list of finalists and would then make their choice with the winner being the artist who receives the most votes. If anyone opposed this change to the judging structure or has another suggestion please let me know.

Press Release: For Immediate Release

Attention Visual Artists: If you think you have what it takes to set the art world on fire then keep reading because on the 19th of March 2008, the search for the art world’s Next Star Artist will begin.

Art market analyst, consultant and art critic Nicholas Forrest of Art Market Blog (www.ArtMarketBlog.com) fame has today announced the launch of Next Star Artist (www.NextStarArtist.com), a groundbreaking new art competition for emerging visual artists.

Beginning on the 19th of March, artists from all over the world will go head to head in an international search for the artist with the highest potential for success in the art market. Unlike any other art competition, every facet of each entrant’s profile, career and work will be assessed to determine which artist is the most likely to achieve art world fame and commercial success.

The winner of the competition will receive an amazing promotion and PR package that includes, amongst other things, a solo online exhibition, an online media blitz, and three months of mentoring, advice and promotion by art consultant Nicholas Forrest.

Entry is free and is open to visual artists over the age of 18 who fulfil the entry criteria, and to all mediums (including craft, design and jewellery) with the exception of Video Art, Film and Performance Art. Entries will be accepted starting on the 19th of March 2008 and will close on the 23rd of May 2008.

For further information on this unique and exciting project and for entry details please visit the Next Star Artist website at www.NextStarArtist.com

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OPEN LIBRARY released by studentsPAD.com (Call for texts)

Started by ARTStap International May 2, 2011.


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Last months show (Feb 15th @ RICHMIX, E1 6LA) reflected a fantastic start to the year with artists Mark Hayward, Tatiana May, Carlos Martyn Burgos, Megan Brewer and Kimbal Bumstead all making sales - earning themselves over £1200.00 on the night commission free !!!  The atmosphere was electric with record attendance seeing 300+ visitors/buyers arriving and a fantastic live musical performance from Anja McCloskey + her band.

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We suspect this spot will only be available for a short space of time - so get back to us as soon as possible if you would like to be part of the exhibition? - its going to be another good one ;) ... should you have any further questions about any aspect of how we run our shows, please do ask!

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Comment by ARTStap International on March 5, 2012 at 21:40

Hello All

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You can download the publication directly from: http://www.mag.studentszine.com/Issues/studentsZINEVol2Issue1.pdf

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Hello all artreview friends

studentsZINE is one of Irelands very few publications for Contemporary Art and currently we need your help to expand our network to help secure funding to keep us going and to keep us being able to curate exhibitions for you and issue you awards and feature etc.

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Issue 2 will be released on Thursday 9 June 2011

Contributors include: Yann Novak, Salome Voegelin, Lars Lundehave Hansen, Damien Flood, Niall De Buitlear, Annette Molone, Seamus Nolan, Luce De Tetis, Tracy Costello, Noel Cullen, Ken Omom, Katerina Bodrunova.



studentsZINE is Ireland's Leading publication for the International Contemporary Arts. studentsZINE was founded to readdress the current lack of representation focusing primarily on the development of students, emerging and under represented artists within their creative and research practices and is dedicated to create a platform for discussion and collaboration for the emerging artist. It aims to be at the forefront of art criticism and theory and to engage and represent the work of committed emerging practitioners within the field of ‘Art’, to promote their work and related interests to a wider appreciating audience and to create a discursive network between national and international colleges and universities. studentsZINE is a multi-media & inter-disciplinary zine that caters for the ever evolving and dynamic creative practices that continues to emerge as sonic, video and performance works can be experienced alongside images and text directly from the zine.

www.studentspad.com / www.studentszine.com


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