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Please consider including the type of mobile device used in your videography.

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As they say on these sorts of things - "very thought provoking" and I believe the term is "evocative"? I watched this through a couple of times - it does have that atmosphere of waiting. Waiting in hospitals, with activity going on around that you don't really want to engage with, but you observe because there is little else to do but wait, unable to focus on anything much because you're worried - and sometimes self consciously worried, as in "I know I'm supposed to worry, and I do worry" with your mind going round in circles while you wait.

But then I'm probably reading too much into this. Or not.

mike hinc said:

I made this using my NOKIA E61i mobile:


Not. I hope. You got it bang on Mik.

Nice clip, Niki. From a moving train is always, I think, a good place to take pictures. I like the reflective appearance of the author at the beginning and the end.

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