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The Biennale of light art Austria 2010 is an exhibition of contemporary art dealing with light and is inaugurated in 2010. ... Consultant: Peet Thomsen New York / Copenhagen, Organisation: ARTPARK / Martina Schettina Manfred Kielnhofer

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Comment by contemporary-art on June 7, 2010 at 19:13
Phantastik works.
Best Manfred
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good idea Daniel !
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Comment by contemporary-art on May 26, 2010 at 8:12
Light Art Biennale Austria 2010 “private art in public spaces”
Curator Peet Thomsen

I have been asked to curate the light art Biennale for the country of Austria. The Biennale is inspired by a similar Biennale being held in the Ruhrgebiet. The Austrians have a different theme for the first edition of the Biennale. It will be “private light in public spaces”. The name a gentle teasing of the Germans is also in the vein of light art.

The name of the biennale describes the technical medium being used can also be interpreted in another manner. Light art – light without substance, this could be understood as unserious art. It could also be interpreted in another way. Art without substance is art about the immaterial. The object can be seen but never touched. But is it unserious? Milan Kundera wrote a book called “The unbearable lightness of being” – And so comes the heavy part of the project. Light is about life – without light there is no life. The light of the sun fuels the planet. The light is a symbol used in churches as life itself. Some catholic churches begin their midnight Easter services in darkness. Then when the light of the rising sun comes through the stained glass window the worshipper light candles the light going form one person to the next. This is how life and energy works. The seed of the man impregnating the woman and thus beginning a new life. But the energy is there before the burning desire of the individuals for each other – this energy is the fuel of life and when we look to the sun as in for exampel Olafur Eliasens “Sun” at the Tate Modern we find calmness we are reassured that everything is allright. So is is it with light art – we find a space for solace and contemplation or just a pleasing view – whatever we find – we are enriched – such is the nature of light art.

Linz is the perfect venue for a departure into an area filled with light art. When you arrive in Linz by boat you are greeted by serveral great examples of light art. Lentos Art Museum and Ars Electronica Center each on their own side of the Danube. Lentos having the older work and the inspiration for the facade of Ars is at night a pattern of blue light which at night with its reflection in the Danube is absolutely beautiful. The Art Electronica Center with its every changing desplay is an ever changing experience. But there are also other lightings incorporated in the architecture which are truly pleasing to the eye. The bridge across the Danube and the “building at Hauptplatz are also worth noticing. Thus the palat wetted and greeted by the city of Linz we can step off the boat and begin to explore the city of Linz and the artworks placed into the private spaces by the artists of the festival.

Peet Thomsen
Comment by contemporary-art on May 26, 2010 at 8:10
The Biennale of light art Austria 2010 is an exhibition of contemporary art dealing with light and is inaugurated in 2010.
General information
The slogan of the „ Biennale für Lichtkunst Austria 2010“ is „private light in public spaces“ and takes place in Austria within the project “LALA”. LALA means Linz (Austria) and Langenzersdorf (Austria), where the two initiators have their ateliers. Linz was the cultural capital of Austria in 2009, and the city is established in the cultural landscape by the Museum Lentos, the Ars Electronca Center and the Brucknerhaus. Langenezersdorf , a township close to Vienna, has two museums for famous Austrian sculptors, the Hanak-Museum and the Charoux-Museum. On April 13th 2010 the National Biennale of light art starts by presenting artwork in public spaces.
Artists from all over the world are invited to show their light projects in streets, squares and public buildings, trying to empathise with the places and the people who frequent them or simply work there.
Already completed artwork is shown as well as artwork especially created for the Biennale. The keywords are light-art, public and private, which build the triangle of eagerness.
The organisation team of the „Nationale Biennale für Lichtkunst Austria 2010“ is led by Martina Schettina from Langenzersdorf and Manfred Kielnhofer from Linz.
Exhibition spaces
The public exhibition spaces are selected by the artists themselves There is no border and no limit, so every artist has the greatest possible freedom of action. The reaction of the public will be different, because they are rapidly transformed into a captive audience. The public may come with no prior art experience, alternatively with much education.
This first National Biennale for Light Art in Austria has wants to generate a cut surface between society and art. The spontaneous conjunction with art in public spaces leans on the art concept of Joseph Beuys from 1965 “How to define the paintings to the dead rabbit” in Düsseldorf.
A dialogue should arise between art and the public.
Among the selected artists will be light artists as well as artists, who use light in art for the first time. The use of light will transform art to a higher level.
The Biennale is sponsored by Austria, its cities and towns, which provide the artists with public squares, streets and buildings free of charge. More sponsors are welcome.
Opening Hours
The opening hours of the Biennale are 24/7, it is open around the clock. The possibility to have a look at a rising artwork, depends on fortune. Only the artists know where and when their artwork is installed, and how long it is exhibited.

Martina Schettina, April 2010

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