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Dark Matter in the Brain, does it matter?


Dark Matter in the Brain, does it matter?

Dark Matter, Consciousness, does it matter?

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Dark Matter, Our Subconsciousness, our soul, does it matter?


All these terms and their functions are critical to our creativity and Evolution, Our Cosmos Our Universe.

Start to UNBALANCE them out of their natural structures and you WILL create havoc.

You can scramble an egg, but you can’t unscramble an egg.

The Dark matter or Deep sleep is the required function for perfect creativity.

If an artist or creator does not get their right amount of DEEP sleep, it unbalances the hormones that trigger his actions, the Pineal Gland then sends wrong amount of Melatonin to his neurons and unbalances the senses.

This has a devastating effect, as an artist will suffer mental blocks, creative block or simply, depression.

This action will unbalance any living creature.

So why sleep? We need the perfect amount of sleep to balance out our senses.

People that have a happy balance in their lives are very aware of their sense’s and are extremely self aware and conscious of their immediate magnetic field.

Dark matter in the brain = Deep sleep, is diamagnetic and the Suprachiasmatic Nucleus of the brain has to fully shut down and re charge it’s energy, once the Melatonin is released, we simply start to awaken, if it has had the right amount of Hormone, we function perfectly.

It is in this Deep Sleep that the Pineal Gland ‘OUR THIRD EYE’ sends spiritual links to the Dark matter in the Universe, as the Dark Matter in the Universe is also diamagnetic, it can glide through all the magnetic cosmos energy and keep us all unscrambled, that's if we are aware of our consciousness. .

Now I am not religious nor have I ever read the Bible, I am simply making an observation through my senses and Knowledge that I have taught myself in resent months after the passing of my late partner.

Simple thinking, simple common sense.

A Natural Philosopher.

I am a creator of MMM ( my magnetic moments) and I am in tune with my self awareness.

Self awareness is very easy to lose when you lead such a busy life and naturally in time and our Evolution and the on set of the Industrial Revolution and the way Computers have made each and everyone of us lose our self awareness.

I have kept mine and I am so happy I have.

I don’t need to go to Church to know and sense that I feel a spiritual magnetic field around my Frontal Cortex, and I don’t need no medical practitioner to tell me that I am mental, I am just simply self aware.

I left school when I was eight and I have lived by my senses ever since.
I have lived a very good life, but it has pushed my senses to their limits at times, thus pushing my mental abilities to stay focused and listens to my consciousness.

In resent years I have had my self awareness, my consciousness take me in to my whole being and ask questions about why, what and how things happen and for what reasons they happen.

I am coming out of that journey now a far better person than when I went in to my consciousness, my own Dark Personal Matter, My Space In My Time.

Now many of you won’t know what the hell I am on about, some will not care, others will just want to lock me up and others, well others will make their own notions up about me.

So where does all this leave my Art, MMM ( my Magnetic Moments), it leaves them where I discovered they came from, my Deep Sleep, My consciousness where I know no one can get to them only me, and when they come out or evolve , I will simply awaken my senses and create the best I can, to the best of my ability.

Where does this leave the Art World, where ever the Arty World wishes to go with it, if they want to buy in to Fish Tanks and Sharks in stead of Oil on Canvas, then that is down to the buyer.

Do the overall conclusion to the question Dark Matter does it Matter?

'O' yes it does.

My advice is, Look after it at all costs.

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Comment by Nathan Nicholls aka-recyclesculptor on October 21, 2008 at 16:42
I guess I am quite fortunate in that I don't really have substantial negative memories. I must have figured out subconsciously how to block them because there surely should be some.
Comment by Richie on October 2, 2008 at 20:17
am just makin a brew. Anyone fancy a cuppa.

Spittin feathers.
Comment by xuyun on October 2, 2008 at 14:33
Thank You Angel xx
Comment by Richie on October 2, 2008 at 5:42
I luv to paint, sketch, model, compose music and write poetry. but to sit down and actually wonder where it all comes from, well I try not to question it to much. Instead I am just very grateful to own such a beautiful unique gift. My Art has saved me at times when I have needed it the most. When I create, I always get the same feeling in me as I have always got, a feeling of feeling totally FREE, like I don't struggle anymore. All my pains and my joys is rescued by metaphors like the sun or the moon, or just by merely having a moment of clarity with myself and reaching for my brushes and paint.
Comment by Nathan Nicholls aka-recyclesculptor on October 1, 2008 at 17:07
We all have the ability to create uniquely . We can nurture it with experiance or stifle it with the mundane. Sleep is surely important but for me the greatest importance lies within our ability to tap into our own emotion with an expression of ourselves. Religion is simply a self satisfying explanation which never is. There are no fully satisfying explanations for the who, what, when, where, how, and why. Nor should there be. I have read much religiouse text and it is clear to me that each is but an attempt to keep order amoungst the tribe. Most are extremely flawed in respect to the concepts that only one that religion can be right. This inevitably leads to war which if you ask me defeats the purpose of the text, that being to keep order. I'm glad you are in tune with your creative energy.

Comment by Ridha on October 1, 2008 at 16:50
Very interesting work and nice colors !!!Bravo Angel
Comment by Richie on October 1, 2008 at 14:50
Thank You Angel x
Comment by Eva Vasina on October 1, 2008 at 14:12
The dark place is nit the Black place.. IMHO, this is so called "terra incognita" form which our art nature draws the insparations, or some knowledge unknown before. This is a Land of spirit, where we try to go.. Blake, the most prophetical poet knew that Dark place very well... I wouldnt say this is subcouncious , I dont like this psy-termin.. It is most consious part of soul, but we have to explore it. It is endless.
Comment by Richie on October 1, 2008 at 13:49
open wide, please my eyes, see the beautiful skies, the scenery, the deep poetry, all dark and beautiful and very much alive and free, as if the sun had fallen from the very sky itself and settled inside our hearts.
Comment by mike hinc on October 1, 2008 at 13:41
Dark matter in the brain? And why not? It's got to go somewhere!

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