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hi everyone, i decided to make a discussion about what we see everyday that was either amazing or terrible.it will be like a show and tell only without the show and you can include things like car wrecks or dead animals if you'd like :)

amazing- today i saw rain turn into snow before my eyes. the dropps seemed to start to fall in slow motion and then they became lighter in shade (or so it appeared) it diddnt actually "turn" into snow but im a romantic. anyways, the sidewalk was all wet so when the snowflakes fell it looked like they just disapeared. it was as if the world was swallowing each one hole. they diddnt form piles. the only evidence that each one existed was in my mind. i know that sounds cheezoid and all but i had a revelation about the moment. its like the birds in huxley's book "the island." the birds just go around to everyone all day saying "here and now boys, attention attention!" so that people will enjoy the moment they are living in. life is just moments. no past and no future. just right now and no matter what happens there is another moment waiting for you. its ok to dissapear into the sidewalk.

i also saw two pigeons indulging their stomaches on pile of puke. it wasnt terrible but i was a bit grossed out.

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Your words are like paintings, Taylor!
...not today but yesterday! The last painting in the Hopper show, completed just prior to his death I believe....an empty yellow room. I was for awhile as light as air.
I ducked out in the rain to buy lunch across the street -- a slice of pizza. I returned to my place and opened the carton: I saw a slice of pizza that looked like it had the tip and then some bitten off. Very nice. When I went back to complain, the server said the slice had "broken" and she had decided to leave out the "broken" piece because it was "messy." The owner found this to be acceptable practice and didn't even apologize: okay, but I didn't pay for two thirds of a slice of pizza.
hahaahahagha, it is either amazing or terrible. something about all that which happened seems irriatable. but there is somethig else that seems amazing. what if whatever we fou d unsatisfactory to ourselves we said we would just leave out. we will learn from these mistakes but will put them behind us. i love you respose ti this because it leaves alot of open space. tell me more. taylor
That's a good take on it, Taylor.

One more ... though this is an old story. I swear it's true. I ordered a bagel, lightly toasted, with a little cream cheese at a Dunkin Donuts (also across the street from me). When I got back to my place, the bagel was cold -- it obviously had never been toasted. I went back and complained. The server said that the toaster wasn't working, but she did put the bagel in there. HUh? Knowing it wasn't working? Yes. A second server came to the counter and asked what the problem was; her response when I explained that the bagel was not toasted: "well, she put it in the toaster." She then offered to put the bagel in the still non-working toaster again. It must be me :) I took a refund instead and haven't been back there since.
HAHA. Thats hilarious! I can see maybe one worker saying "well I put it in there!" but ANOTHER employee backing that up! Then offering to go out of her way to do it again!
hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha that is amazing indeed. im lol'ing
wow that is amazing. people can be really aggravating sometimes. im glad you got that off your chest. its good to vent. everyone should feel free to vent on this blog too! i cant believe how unprofessional all that was!

im looking out the window on the 9th floor on michigan ave and the lake looks amazing right now, like a watercolor brush stroke. its especially nice since the past few days were so mucky. the light is always brighter emerging from the dark.
Yea I think it was one of those letters one writes and tosses in the rubbish bin, I should not have posted it. There is nothing that can be done about that kind of thing, and at best it can only be a barometer of things cultural... so best to just forget it.
no i think its a very good thing to post things like this on our site!!!! it was unprofessional of the postal system and sometimes when we write down how we feel and know that someone else will hear it its a very very good thing. i encourage everyone to feel free to post things that have upset them that they cant talk about with other people. i commend you!!!!
i have to say that i remembered something today that was terrible. last year i had to catch a plane back to NY at like 4am or something like that. i was sick with a cold and a bit depressed so i packed as fast as i could and hopped on the subway wearing thin pants and no undies (trust me this is relevent). so i sat down and fell asleep and i wanted to cry (i dont know why) then when i got to o'hare and stood up i realized that the seat of my pants were completely soaked. i feared the worst and when i finally got to the bathroom and smelled the liquid it was identified as urin.... and not my own. i almost threw up. i had to put on new pants and toss the old ones and somehow clean someone elses urin from my parts. so gross. so gross.
How awful! The Blue Line is never very clean :(



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