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Has anyone ever heard the 'unspoken rule' of not showing a piece more than once in the same state?

I'll give you my 'for instance' and invite you all to share your own.

I had 4 pieces in a show at the ARC gallery in 2005.
I've got a show coming up and I'd like to show 2 of the 4 previously shown. (not only to show the progression but also I like the old stuff better)
So what? Does this seem reasonable? Unreasonable?

Your thoughts...


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I think that is totally reasonable. Iv shown a lot of work in more than one place in the same state. That may be because I have only shown in that one state ☺ but still, I think its important to get your work out to as many people as possible and if that means showing the same work twice I say go for it.
Often times, you'll have overlap in audience (one assumes you have a list of folks you invite to everything), and they'll want to see new work; you run the risk of your work appearing stale or unsellable. That said, plenty of, if not most, artists show the same work more than once in the same state; not all shows get the same level of attention -- some get very little attention, alas. If the piece has been written up in a review or the first exhibition had a high audience and was long running, I might not show it again. In any case, I'd suggest packaging the four pieces as a series. Also, if you are mostly showing the pieces, and not focused on selling them at the exhibition, you can list a couple of them as "on loan" as opposed to for sale.



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