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Would I be considered a selfish ass if I didn't allow a person to buy & take home a piece before the show has started?
I mean, my argument was that I have dozens of family members flying in and I'd like them to see the work.
But if someone wants to buy, do I lay down and give it away before anyone gets to see it?
And I don't mean to be taking up space on this group with my armature art questions, I just don't have anyone else to ask.


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Are they willing to buy it and have you deliver it after the show -- lots of galleries pre-sell work before art fairs and stick the little red sold dot next to it at the show. Go with your gut ...

I am also in the Artist Project. Good luck.
I LOVE!!!! that you are using this as a forum for these kinds of questions. no my love, you are not a selfish ass for this. i just got back from michelle grabners studio and we were talkinga bout just that. we talked about her dealer and how the art world has become about the art market and not about art. undergroun apt galleries are the only real future for art to grow honestly. arts value is compared to how the corn market is going. she was saying how artist today have to read (i forget what its called) but it concerns points and money and shit... anyways, (this may be flighty but) i think you have to answer opportunity when it knocks. if its the only peice in this show than tell the person that you can write a contract with them and they can have the peice after its showing and make them pay a certain amount up-front. if they douche out on it than fuck them. youre art is always worth more than those that douche out.... glad you wrote about this..... art is both selfish and selfless. it actually exists on the cusp of these two extremes. trust you instinct and you will never go wrong:)
I'll see you there.

Good luck.
Thanks Taylor.
I've been battling the whole selfish/ selfless thing for a while now, but with this show coming up, I've been hit with dozens of new questions and very little resolve.

But thanks for your response.
I hope all is well in your world.



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