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Leave it to Chicago to give you a few nice days of sun and heat and then throw rain, snow and wind at you when you are just starting to get compfortable. If your inside and bored right now. Get out and see the Gordan Matta-Clark Exhibit at the MCA. If you like his work anyways, youll love the show. If not than well.... dont go. The photo documentation of his site specific work is worth checking out no matter what your opinion of him is. alot of the photos are spliced and reformed not unlike the sculptures themselves. pretty cool show. i cant remember what else was there. Oh yeah, there is a mapping show going on on the third floor featuring the work of Micheal Ryan and Haseeb Akmed amung others (may have spelled that last name wrong). All local Chi-Towners are in that space i believe. Try to check it out before the show goes down.

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Ugh. This weather is killing me. Those 50 degree days were PERFECT. I suppose we'll have those randomly until June when it's 104.
yeah i know. today is pretty nice though. i havent been out but the light coming through has really cheered me up a bunch!!!! most of the snow is melted now which makes me happy. the trees are budding too!!!
The Matta Clark exhibition is excellent! I saw it a couple weeks ago. If only I could handle a chain-saw.... Thanks for starting this group, btw.
anyone know what on deck for the MCA this summer? i miss the dan flavin peice that was up for so long. it made me a little sick in the tummy but thats usually a good sighn.
god, yeah i know. today it is terrible out. i was so cold waiting for the train. im very effected by the weather moodwise so today i just feel like a fruitcake- abandoned, tough to swallow and morbid. i guess a fruitcake is not morbid... unless you give it as a gift at a funeral. yes.... a fruitcake can be morbid depending on its context.
anyways, what was amazing about today was that i saw..... actually. im going to start a new discussion that everyone can add to called "what did you see amazing or terrible today"



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