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Hello to fellow members up here on artreview.

Not only can artists find peace with eachother because in my experience most artists get thrown into art as a result of becoming tired with dogmatic beurocratic jobs that pay greedy people who in turn support international military operations that kill innocent children.......

But also I think the internet new system has allowed freedom fighting groups in the middle east and eastern europe to vocalise their news, views, poetry and art at lightning speed. Within less that two days after writing a letter for Amnesty Int in lieu of the diabolic elections in Tehran I made a website for the cause, met 5 people online who were interested in making paintings to speak out on the subject and had found at least two womens rights groups in Iran on the internet who were doing the same thing.

I think of all the people on the planet who fight for peace it is the artists who actually help t make the boldest statements and to give entire movements the strength to persist. If I may use John Lennon as an example for fighting for peace against the Vietnam War with his music. He was a recording artist and a poet. He had an extremely catalystic effect on the anti Vietnam front.

If I may also point out that Palestine now has been a total shambles for some 50 years with dozens if not hundreds of failed attempts at ceasefires. During the next 10 years what vehicle could bring them to a semi stabilised state? Art literature and poetry. It is through these mediums that grass roots freedom fighting groups are able to make a direct channel to international governments that there are people in war torn areas who do actually want a democracy. Once the message is heard internationall it put pressure on the local government to bend to accomodate the nature of its people. Art is a language exactly like militarisation is a language. Once the government sees its people want to exchange their weapons for a new language they have no choice but to begin talking to other countries.

Also Palestine has no real friends in the EU - for artists here fighting for peace we need to look at the possibility of a friendship program. 1 to 3 countries in the EU who make a commitment to trade resources with Palestine to encourage Palestine to start exporting some quality products to boost its workplace morale - again a new language but in return agree to scheduled ceasfires.

What is need ed in fighting for peace is the learning of new languages.

Luke Gilliam

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hey, i'm glad i found this group.
Glad to read you luke. Some positive energy coming here :)
Concerning peace & art... well, i don't thing "fighting" for peace is a way to go to get result. How does the saying go: "to secure peace is ... to prepare for war!"
Peace starts in your every day life, in what you're doing or not. Then, in your art life... showing, writting about what's going on, like wars, abuses, exploitation. But it doesn't stop to humans! Non humans & plants are the first to be victims of our human's greed & selfishness. But humans are shortly after. Then how does one treat non humans better if they're already unable to treat their own speacy right... based on the color of skin or some national stuff?
Anyhow, show the abuses, or the results of it work for a few hours, talking/writtin about for a couple days... for most people, but you will always reach some people who needed those images or words to change their habits... that is what i'm calling "planting seeds". some will grow, others won't... but the important is those that will grow.



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