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In response to Artreviews community announcement of user content censorship on the 6th of September I have created an online petition to gauge interest in how the community feel about this.  To read the full details of the email (you have by now most likely received a copy of this in your email) and sign the petition point your browser to:


Please forward this to lists, family, friends, colleagues etc.


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The petition about Artreview censorship is going well:


But currently we don't have an enough signatures to merit presenting it to Artreview.  If everyone on Art and Politics (currently 234 members) signed the petition we'd be well on our way.  Please consider signing, it only takes a minute.

Artreview may delete any member or any content they like.

All members are just guests on this site. If you don't like a networks terms and really want a 'free' voice, put your content on a site that you own.

(and stop spamming irrelevant groups)

That's true, Artreview may delete any content they want however if they want a community and not have members leave en masse that wouldn't be very wise. As for the spamming, if you don't understand that this is related to art and politics then that's your problem.
I received several group notifications.  I too think this group is the most appropriate, so I reply to you here.
I share your concerns but I don't see members leaving (yet). And if a couple of thousand members decided to leave as a protest, who would notice among 31,440 members?



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