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How we can understand the concept of the culture?
, and by what we say that is a culture?

What make's us say this is a good culture, or bad culture?
Do we evaluate the culture by its Civilization?
What is the Civilization?
Can we measure the culture?
Is there now a real different culture?

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"Art is what we do, culture is what is done to us" Carl Andre.
Culture is the activity of the mind and the spirit, or we can say that culture is activity of our brain and our emotions, culture starts when man can express his happiness, his sadness and his hope through words or other forms of expressions. so I don't think that there is bad culture or good culture, there are different cultures, but no inferior cultures. But people's behaviour may change as time advances, when people become more rational and more reasonable, they may change their behaviour, civilization starts when there is improvement in human behaviour. So there are different degrees of civilizing in the world, some places are more civilized than other places, anyway there is always hope that the whole world can become more civilized, that is to say we live in hope.



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