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Often, an artist that insists on working in a non-representational manner, experiences life "abstractly." In other words, there is a core necessity to express what we see, feel, hear, etc., through the symbols that best represent our relationship with the world around us. We take in data and reconfigure it through an internal language that only others who understand this language, so to speak, can interpret. It is an intuitive sensing of life, and an outward attempt to express that internal knowing through an invented language of our own devise.

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T´was in the beginning of beginnings, white on white.
A milkyway, a snowstorm, a hazy dawn.
A cell, a heart of an atom.
Before words, music and motion.

I´m partly desent from north american indians.
There´s vikings graves outside my ateliér.
The spirits I walk with calls for love, freedom and the sounds of wahles, deep space, subatom phenomenia.

The inspiration with which the intuation force is transformed into artistic expression stems from; the world´s suffering; To express the subconious realm in sign, symbols and planes; From the principle of art fore art´s sake; And from a deep desire to play.

The constantly evolving creativity always find new ways to procid.
The Avantgard is as all science at the frontiers of knowledge, truth are always provisional.
How beautifully eloquent are your words. I tire of art that is angry or ugly or lacking in the qualities of the eternal.
I strongly feel that the viewer sometimes is able to mentaly conqueror my images. Then possibly it´s put away fore whats the reason.
No, angry art is created by those that are angry. A more pure inner dialogue leads to those very breakthroughs that Inga speaks of.
i think abstract art is very democratic, it delivers fron the dictature of representation where the view of the artist is the sole point of view.by revealing himself the artist give the possibility of revealing the viewer s interiority, maybe that is why it s not fashionable right now
Well, but I heard from a artdealer today who just returned from ARCO, Madrid that abstract was domenating there.
However Giulio please stick to the idea of not compare works etc. outside abstract art here, right. Not so easy, I know friend.
Exciting to hear that abstract art was dominating at ARCO. Would like to hear more.
I wasn´t there in persona but I´ve been told about a painter calld Deacon, suposed to done great artwork.

To our earlier talk I like to add:
The rising humanity can attain with from the creative fantasy; to gravitate it self to the future world and originate behavior and morals wich is found in the future and outward-bound (right word?) this very existens.
The shape of a inventiv personality thats endeavour toward the future is initiated with help of forming fantasy that is mould in the present.
I will see if I can find some info about this painter, Deacon.

Regarding our discussion: In my own work, I often allude to a "forgotten language" as if to say that our intuitive, higher self remembers this unspoken language. Abstraction is our mother tongue.
I don't know what it is exactly to experience life "abstractly." As a human my experience is embodied. I am not a disembodied reason or a brain in a vat. For a more in depth discussion see Lakoff and Johnson's Philosophy in the Flesh. In other words, Descartes' idea that "I think, therefore I am" is totally wrong. The language of representation is built on linear perspective, an "abstraction" that is not true to our embodied experience. Thus most representational work feels dead. The exceptions are when the artists breaks the rules...but that's a whole other discussion (David Hockney talks at length about these issues in a number of his books). Anyway, the language of abstract painting is the language of shapes and forms, of color, of overlapping plains, on a flat surface. When we as abstract artists speak in this language, we create paintings that have more life, are more real. They become living moving objects, because the surface of the canvas has been activated. Shapes, forms, colors, gestures, marks, etc. become carriers for our thoughts and feelings, both conscious and subconscious. Creating an abstract piece of work can be described as the process of embodiment of the artist's thoughts, feelings, desires, etc. in paint.
Regarding your comment; beautifully said. To live "abstractly" is to see life through multi-dimensional eyes (or ears, etc.), and perceive reality as non-linear (more than three-dimensions). And although embodied, our own flesh is that of a universe itself, made up of living cells, micro organisms, etc.
i have a natural repulsion for descartes because been to french scools all my life and most of french education is based on carthesian ideas a structure, and think many problems of the environment are due toan over rationalisation , rationality can be useful as everything is used with balance. maybe abstraction is van attempt to recreate a more meaninful world maybe not i m ready for criticism



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