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Hello everyone. How are you. I am slightly stuk on sumthin and thort maybe you could help me.
I want to stick cardboard shapes to canvas, (empty cereal boxes) but I don't really know what to use, as I am thinking, it may have to be a specific type of glue, so the shapes don't come off in time.
I would very much appreciate your input on this one.
Thank you

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When I do a mixed media on canvas, I use glue or gesso as the initial adhesive. I make sure I am super generous with it and that I have a nice heavy board to put on top for a day or more drying. Once thats done I complete the painting and use gel medium or heavy painted generously over the entire painting and after that is completely dry I varnish it. Not sure if thats the proper way as the first time I did it was 3 years ago. I can say that the paintings I sold three years ago still look perfect and there is no problem with them coming off...Another realistic artist told me he just uses gesso as his adhesive then varnishes...Hope that helps!

Wow !!! Brilliant. Thankyou so much Pamela, your input has really helped me alot. Now I have a fair idea what to use and how to apply it also. Where you have mentioned about the varnish, well thats the icing on the cake for me, as it all makes alot of sense now. Do the painting, wait for it to dry, add glue, then mixed media, wait for it to dry again, then finish with varnish, if prefered.

Thankyou again Pamela
An alternative method is:
1. Make copies of the image you want using a black or color copier/printer (depending on size.
2. Modify the image to suit your purpose – draw, write add color with acrylic or pencil etc. (do not use any oil base medium).
3. Apply several layers of acrylic gloss medium - about 8 to 10 layers, let layers dry in between applications.
4. Once done with the layers, dissolve the paper in water and you will have the image on the acrylic medium
5. Glue on the canvas - using the acrylic gloss medium as the glue.

A little labor intensive, but I have lifted images from copies of photos, drawings and other images, such as marks left on glass by ink or acrylic, to assemble some of my works on plexiglass and paper. Hope it makes sense, take care.




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