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C´mon everybody. Drop a oneliner here! Perhaps from your "about my art" or just on the issiue.
This mighte be edited into somekind of statement or experimental poem fore this Circle. Feel free!

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...this is our mother tongue...
cartoons of paintings
"It is on account of emptiness that all things are at all possible," Nagarjuna's Madhkyamikasastra.
everything changes everything

ya ya you you / stockholm mix
Hi, my name is Florence, and I'm an artist.
Tiddlywinks changes nothing!
Tiddlyhinc Yeah
It seems to me that the abstract is more challenging than the representational in that it requires the viewer to participate in the meaning of itself. things we recognize already have associations attached to them. the abstract needs us to give it meaning, however diverse. maybe that is why abstraction tends to be the logical progression after representation.
It seems to me that without the abstract we cannot appreciate what is real. The abstract is the blue print to see both the components that exist in the real object and the components that make up the container containing the real object. From the abstract is the container and the thing being contained. Did the first absrtact movement ever really end?
reality according to science and hinduism doesn t exist, we perceive and recreate a reality according to our physical and mental possibilities. Abstraction is nothing more than tryng to go beyound our limits by searching inside ourselves. Abstraction is nothing less than accepting our fears and limitations and exacerbate them. it is good or bad. these 2 concepts don t exist in abstraction. there is only a good or bad painting due to whether the painting is sincere or not. the aim of an abstract painter is sincerity, a desire like the sophia for the philosophers. an aim a goal who will never totally reached but who cares the fun of pianting is making mistakes, and for me to get dirty with colours and destroy my clothes with oil paint and throw them away



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