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Oh, I know you all know about this and are so concerned you've been signing online petitions left and right.

To horribly paraphrase Jörg, Seriously, shut up about that dog (which you know only about through hearsay) and eat your cheeseburger, hypocrites.

As far as I'm concerned, and this is old news anyway, Vargas was extremely successful in exposing our faults as members of the 1st world society, we ignore just as many starving people every day as we do the dogs in his city, while passing around useless links and leaving self righteous angry comments to make ourselves feel better because we're protecting the poor little animals from the horrible artists.

The only thing the artist is guilty of is making us confront directly one small portion of the evils that we, every day through ignorance or direct action, allow to happen. It makes us feel horrible, but we redirect that rage on the messenger. I've seen hundreds of comments about how people want to physically harm him, and I'm not surprised. Not surprised at all.

Alternatively, if you don't want to shut up and eat a cheeseburger, and actually do care, these are organizations you may be interested in joining or supporting: The World Society For The Protection Of Animals and The Humane Society. I guarantee you this: Both do a lot more for the world every day than facebook groups.

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