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university - do you get better marks if your "cosey" with the staff

Hello all
I have recently finished a degree , and I m now doin a masters , I noted that in many cases it wasn't the work that mattered but how good or bad the relationship was with the tutor ... is it just me or did anyone else have this experience

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Hello Peter,

Being a recent graduate myself the topic of favouritism was one I did discuss with colleagues at the time. My personal opinion is that it didn't really didn't affect the marks. My degree show (practical work) was given a B2 ,I believe, which didn't really reflect the reaction I got from viewers, critics and the press which was immensely positive. Finishing with an overall 2/2 I was less than happy. Of course I realise now that the mark I got is something which is not public knowledge and is never asked about and ,to be honest, I think is totally irrelevant .

Since you are doing a Masters I assume you attained a 2/1 or 1st. Unfortunately being an 'outsider' who is studying in an institution seems to often be counter-productive. There were people who were 'cosy' with tutors and I'll admit that they were sometimes put forward for awards/commissions, but when it came to marks I don't think it really affected things. I think that being able to 'get on' with tutors showed a persons social capacity which of course is very important if somebody is serious about being a career artist. It is a reality that an artist will be asked to justify himself time and time again so he must be able to talk confidently about his work.

The marking system is formulated in such a way so as to avoid biased opinion, i.e Tutors/Department heads who do and don't know you and your work being averaged into one grade.

It is easy to perhaps feel 'wronged' when one gets a grade which one feels is too low but I think It's important to realise that there will often be no personal history with the people you work with in the future. Professionals simply don't have time to get 'cosy' with you so there is little scope for favouritism.

Just focus on your work and don't worry about people getting pally with the tutors/staff. The real test is the art-interested public which you will face at your masters degree show. I hope this helps lay to rest any grievances/anxieties you may have about your forthcoming year.


Omar Zingaro Bhatia http://www.zingaromar.blogspot.com
Hi Omar ,
I agree with you , on the whole I did very well , and you are right about the marks not really being that important .I just watched your degree show on youtube , WOW ... what a fantanstic uni , and your work is superb btw , unfortunately the uni I went to (I,am at a different one now) the art dept consisted of 2 rooms and 4 tutors
I dont have any grievances and the MA will probably be the last academic thing I do , so I aint worried about getting a "good" mark .At the end of the day the most important thing is that I,am happy with my own work .
I put the post up because art is sometimes a difficult thing to get across and I think that if a tutor has an interest in your work they "get it" easier , so being "cosey" with them must surely help , and I wondered if anyone else had similar experiences .
Hi Peter you have to forgive my bluntness but that's the way it is in this world.. the expression I think your after is " It aint what you know, it's who you know". If I can make a small suggestion, Do try a little harder to "KISS ARSE" while your doing your MA. :-) your works worth it.
lol, yeah I just keep stumn nowadays , tutors tend to think that there view (that they usually got from a book) is the "right" one .. hey, and you know what ...they're right ...of course

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