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whatever are your tastes on art to kill an animal for a performance is not art
Reading darlings, from the
>Magazine Uakix, we are touched enough in our
>sensibility by this received mail this morning
>...... my first impulse to been to send it to mass
>media so that they denounce it on his part. The
>philosophy of Uakix is to show the positive of the
>life, the persons who do good actions, which I
>believe that they are those who more can help to
>this world as it is ..... in a constant
>transformation ....... ....... but there are
>things that if I believe important in putting our
>CONSTRUCTIVE THINGS!!, that we do not support the
>atrocities and less with animals or more innocent
>beings, in this case I believe that the role of
>making something positive is ours!.
>I ask you for excuses if this mail bothers you but
>I think that sometimes it is necessary to say
>something, and in this case I believe that it is
>possible that with only one signature we could
>ATROCITY, that in our world this must no have
>capacity .... I tell you:
>In the year 2007, Guillermo Vargas Habacuc, a
>supposed artist, took to
>a godforsaken dog of the street, tied it to a very
>short rope in
>wall of a gallery of art and it left it there so
>that he was dying
>slowly of hunger and thirst:
>For several days, so much the author of similar
>cruelty as
>visitors of the gallery of art attended impassive
>the agony of the
>poor animal:
>until finally he died of hunger, surely after
>having happened
>for a painful, absurd and incomprehensible
>Does it seem to you strong?
>Since that is not quite: the prestigious Central
>American Biennial of Art
>decided, incomprehensibly, that the savagery that
>it had just committed
>this subject was an art, and this way so
>incomprehensible Guillermo
>Vargas Habacuc has been a guest to repeat his
>cruel action in happiness
>Biennial in 2008.
>Sign here: http: // www.petitiononline.com /
>13031953 / (it is no that
>to pay, to register, not nothing dangerous, and it
>is worth it) for
>to send a request and that this man is not
>congratulated not called
>' artist ' for so cruel act, for similar
>insensitivity and enjoyment
>with the foreign pain.
>It is very easy, 10 seconds are taken and it is
>sure, if we lose the time
>forwarding bullshit that nobody believes, well we
>can dedicate a little
>of this time to try to prevent another innocent
>animal from suffering l suffer
>cruelty of this one, and others, sadistic and
>disgusting ' to be a human being ':
>Pd: if you put the name of the 'artist' in Google
>salt the photos of this poor animal, and surely
>also web pages will go out for you where
>you will be able to confirm it and to see that it
>is true.

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I could be on YouTube, cool...... all I have to do is howl?
wish I would have known that a long time ago, I could have
been a Star, like Lassie
I just wish his books were shorter! Only joking !!! I think his capacity for fantasy and inner vision changed the world of fiction forever and maybe the world as a whole - and for the better. A rare thing.
mucho greatzz
Love the nature before he is gone .
Yeh that maybe better than take a dog for all those things .
Human art is better than monkey stuff .
Mucho greatzzz
Hedonistic? Good point. Ask Jon. There's bog all hedonism in my life - sad to say. Wouldn't the roads, chronologically squeaking, have led from Greece to Rome anyway? Thus Roman culture might be seen as a subset of Greek but not Greek of Roman as the Greek had preceded it and Time has a habit of moving forwards. The cultures were of course interlinked but distinct and not without difference - which is why the Romans took such great pains to either incorporate or destroy Greek culture. But you know all this anyway. I'll go away now.
Use of live animals is always tricky I think. Except from Beuys' coyote I do not know of any great artwork in the animal department of art.
Yes it is a great song. Shame the trees in her song weren't poplars.
My memory told me they were chestnut, until I came upon this.
Yes, but was that Art or exploitation, 48073?
Criticizing Beuys is almost as dangerous as killing a dog and calling it Art.
What did the coyote make of it all? Did he sign a consent form? Was he properly and legally represented? How much was he paid? What happened to him "after the show"?
This happened in America. Where were animal rights at the time?
I think we should be told.
Lassie had an agent. Trust me.
Bugger me, you are right. She sang "poplar trees". Well there goes
either our theory on trees or the universally accepted social theory of modern America. I'd guess we lose.
My guess is the animal was shot afterwards.



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