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Have you noticed the number of social networking sites specifically created for artists these days? It seems like there is a new one coming online daily. Could this be an indicator of the growing influence that the Internet offers in showcasing and, dare I say it, selling art.

These online communities are often free services (or pay to upgrade) where artists can showcase their work, chat with fellow artists online, build their network, host a blog, and create an online portfolio without having to build a stand alone website. It offers a venue for the artist to share their skills and receive feedback on their work from an international community.More...

As for me, you can find me on LinkedIn, Plaxo, Facebook, Twitter, ArtReview, MyArtSpace, as well on some smaller sites.

I’m interested in the role that social networking sites play in our daily life, both personally and professionally. I’m curious, with so many communities to choose from, how do you make the choice of where to hang your work in the virtual world? Do you choose one site and focus all your efforts there, or do you choose a handful and try to keep up with all of them?

At the end of the day, have these social networking sites been helpful for your art career? Have they helped you find collectors, curators, collaborators, venues or offered you other benefits? Have you developed new and meaningful friendships with other artists in the community? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Here's a partial list of some of what's out there. Feel free to share others.

Flickr, YouTube, Facebook, MySpace

Art Review, MyArtSpace, Deviant Art, Renderosity, Artmajeur International, Artistportfolio, The Untapped Source, The Vision Grove, Absolute Arts, Dripbook, Found Myself, My Art Info

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Hi Lyn,

An interesting thing about many of these web 2.0 sites is that they are not created by artists for artists, so the artists do not own their communities - such as with www.furtherfield.org & the list www.netbehaviour.org

The other thing is, that many sites take a long time to build and expand into real places of shared knowledge and collaboration.

wishing you well.

marc garrett

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