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Site is the extension of Rachaita creative solutions which has been catering to the artistic and architectural disciplines since 1999. Having worked with artists and architects we understood the need for a residential studio facility so that they could engage in their creative pursuit continuously without any constraints. Also since many ambitious and cutting edge creative projects fall flat owing to improper technical support, we decided to extend our expertise and share with artists and creative people so that such significant projects become reality.




Site is envisioned as a fluid space where all sought after creative experiments can happen. Apart from residencies and studios we plan to conduct lectures and seminars to bridge the gap between critical theory and practice. With open studios for residency artists and regular shows in our gallery we think that a creative culture based on interaction can be made possible. With curated shows at regular intervals we wish to engage the society with issues and ideas which are current and significant.

On site facility:

Lathe, Drill, Argon welding, Electric welding(aluminum, stainless steel, mild steel, brass, copper), Cutter machine, Grinder machine, Pipe bending machine, Air compressor, Buffing machine, Flexible grinder.
Accessible facility:
Laser Cutting, Water Jet, Shaping, Milling, Surface grinder, Turning Centre, Zig saw, Table Saw, Planners, band Saw etc…
There are also facilities for engraving, works in glass, Fiber glass, and wood work etc..
We are at the center of the industrial estate, so most of the facilities and process needed is available within 500 mts of our facility.






We offer residencies to artists from all disciplines - visual arts, sculpture, architecture, product design & furniture design. Please note that students (including those taking full-time and part-time MA and PhD courses) are not eligible to apply for a studio residency.
The selected candidate should acquire visa and other related document to visit our country in advance. We can assist artists seeking grants or other forms of funding by providing a formal invitation letter when a candidature is accepted.


Kindly fill in the application and send the same to gidc778@gmail.com. The subject line should read- site application _(your name)_(your country). Application should be filled in ENGLISH.
The application form can be downloaded here .
  1. Application forms all column should be duly filled.
  2. Images of work (5 images in .jpg or .tiff format. Be certain to include the medium, size, date and title for each work. Alternatively, you may provide a web address where your works can be viewed). All 5 files should less than 1 MB.


Expected from artist


 Open Studio day in the artist-in-residence Studio during or by the end of the Artist Residency. Or, After reviewed by the curator an Exhibition of the artist work in our gallery space free of cost where in invitation design, printing, opening reception shall be taken care by the artist. Gallery will help for the promotion of the event. Gallery staff will guide you for the event.This exhibition will be up for a week  and in case of sale of an art work , gallery would charge 33% as commission.
Artist will have to share the hi-res images of the work(s) done during the residency with us for documentation purpose.

Fees structure

The cost for the studio is. 750 USD per one month and 2000 USD for 3 months which includes electricity, water, cleaning/weekly, and ADSL internet (Wireless). The period of residency can be extended, after the work and schedule of the work be reviewed by authority.The invoice raised would charge taxes as applicable.  
  • Charges are subject to change; please verify current charges with us.





Find out more on the Site Residency Website






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