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Poverty will never be a distant memory whilst we have arseholes running our countries.
You have a right to vote like you have a right to live, use your votes like you use your judgment, dig deep and make your vote matter.

What bastards would bomb the arse out of a country, make the kids lose their innocent parents and then, make that child drink from its sewage from the contaminated river and do nothing? What bastards would run the risk of causing the next plague, see fish get contaminated and sea life thus spreading Typhoid, Para-typhoid Salmonella Septicemia Gastroenteritis Diarrhoea.
Oh and added risk of flesh eating disorder caused by bacteria in the sea!

I can't paint or concentrate whilst the kids in GAZA are being forced by Israel to drink their own waste and bathe in it, sit back and watch them die and fall like flies. EVIL BASTARDS ISRAEL. I HOPE BAD KARMA SETS IN AND BITES YOU ON YOUR ARSE!

You have been following the Kids of Gaza and their artwork, watching how they pull the pain out of their hearts and share it with you in art,,,,, now you can watch them slowly die as Israel wont allow their country to fix urgent sewage pipes.

Now do we call this "SHOCK ART"?
I wonder if Charles Saatchi would place this in his Gallery?

This is a living piece of Art, Kids of Gaza dieing whilst the world watches on and does nothing.

2% of the worlds population has the ability to use all their senses in unity at the same time, they are called Shamans, spiritual leaders, sensitive souls!

Yet your pet cat or dog uses them as they go for a piss, does that mean your dog and cat have more intelligence than you?

I say we have all got this ability and need to be aware of situations fast, dig deep in to your senses and charge them up.

How do you charge them up?

How do you trigger your senses?

Watch the kids of Gaza die day by day, watch the kids in Africa starve to death, tell me if it switches your awareness on, your sensitivity, compassion, your perceptions, your empathy.

The kids need money yes, but they need your voice more!

Tell your MP, heads of States, enough is enough, stop these barbaric actions and see senses for what they are.

Stand up for your rights and all humanity rights, stop this suffering for children today.

Please join their Art Gallery group, please support these kids by just sending a word of love.


If you would like to watch them die, please follow the news, I'm sure you will be reading about their deaths shortly.

You can follow this paper...


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