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I just posted a video on my profile with a new video application a friend recommended to me called animoto. You can try a short video out for free. My video is done with a 3 month subscription I bought. What it does is take all your images and will synchronize it with music. You do nothing. They also offer music on the site that you can use. Then if you want you can remix the video and it will come up with a completely different video with the same images. The pros are that you don't need any technical knowledge and there certainly are some magically effects. The cons are that your images will be distorted. For example all my Tetes are square and many of the images on the video show up as rectangles. This doesn't bother me though as I am just trying to give an idea and feeling what my work is about. The application is pretty new and it seems there are still some bugs to work out. For example I had trouble moving my images around. Also there must be tricks on how you set up your original downloads. I had some color combitions of Tetes that were placed together that didn't please me that much. But overall I never never would have been able to create a video like this. Let me know what you think and I hope if anybody else has tried something they can post it here.

Note: One other thing is weird (at least on this site) is that when I went to play it for the second time here explorer wouldn't do it. I got an error message. So I went to my laptop and played it and the same thing happened when I tried to play it for the second time. No idea what that is all about.


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UpLoading Videos to Multiple Sites With Free Tool
I found a site called Tubemogul that will upload your videos to youtube, google, myspace, aol, metacafe, yahoo and many others that I do no know with just a push of a button after you give your sign up info for each site. They also track your videos with graphs concerning views and comments. I haven't really studied this yet. But the good news is its all free. They have addons I believe you can buy. I had very few views with everything other then youtube but when I searched google I found that the metacafe video was ranked very high. Also the yahoo video then got me ranked on yahoo search.
Using your Name on Internet
Here are some of my discoveries in the last couple of weeks of promoting my art on internet. It turns out there are many many people with my name. You are lucky if your name is unique! Long tailed key words (meaning that there is more then one word) can help. You can add artist or another word such as type of media to your name. This will help separate you from others. You can use that when you describe your work or in titles or where ever it makes sense. Something that I never thought of until I researched it is that your username for forums or groups such as digg or ends up showing up on google searches. So why not use your real name?

I hope other people start adding their experiences, resources and ideas. It has always been my belief that when one shares good things happen.
Youtube Experience
In youtube there is no category for Arts. So you end up choosing between people & blogs, entertainment, music or how to & style. I have used ,for the two videos, entertainment and music. There seems to be no difference. The most important thing I think is the Title. Even though it may not be the best title put in what the media is, for example, Paintings or Sculpture and make sure the title has your name in it.
You will see that when you search for Paintings you will have two ways of finding videos. The first is SORT BY and the second is when UPLOADED. The one that automatically shows for SORT BY is RELEVANCE. Youtube I believe makes a selection by computer and then further sorts with a human. You will see things like car paintings, speed painting, body painting do not receive the same attention as fine art paintings so I figure that is a human. Even though I have no where near the same views as a body painting video they have kept my videos for monthly and weekly UPLOADED always on the first page.
Has anything good happened? Well I was proposed a showing in a gallery in Second Life. Guess that means funny money!! I have got some people who have come to my website and left their email for a newsletter. Also it ends up on Google search for my name. So far a very positive experience.

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