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just a relationship discussion piece written last year (see if you like it)

The Truest Love

When words whispered become blatant-bold faced in truth
You continue to refuse a return in honest sentiment felt
Imbued in hearts decorum where no one can hide out
Do you feel in control? This would be an illusion also

Everyone needs to feel powerful at some time or another
If you care to live in more denial, refuse to face a truth
Get away with it this moment to leave false pride intact
Come along then, face the facts, cruel as they may be

Guilty by omission; is this your mission in life tonight?
To never admit whole truths makes one two dimensional
With an IOU never paid, yet spent; let's let our guards down
In a free form of expression could you then hold out?
How about if you hold out your hand to to let me take it

Eyes speak volumes and smiles grant more reprieves
Hold me tightly now yet let my spirit run free and wild
I will not ask if you love me, you have said it before
Others believed you and i don't need to right now, yet

Get prepared to react with grand passion everywhere
Once more with feeling for in the lingo of a musician,
Tangos for dancers would show all without a doubt!
Ole! Again another way to move; start, turn, stop!

Give a damn, do a dip and let your shining hair fall
Touch this smooth ballroom floor to coincide a call
Let your partner twist above a polished surface, held
More reflection than simply patent leather shoes have

Who prefers cowboy boots and chaps with blue jeans
Appropriate fashion of shirts with snaps, to open easy
Cowboys and i do mean boys, nightly surround tables
Labels given send shivers down my spine, if in honesty

Grant me pleasures of your company with full attention
Bestowed to find graceful moments of real courage

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