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I had a guy tell me "stop drawing, blogging is your art". For the record, he wasn't being mean, I think being complimentary–and I would never stop drawing anyway–but it got me thinking a little; Is blogging an art form? Will it one day be an art form?

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i think blogging was an art some years ago, now i don t know ...
Years ago? Meaning what?
that the big success of blogging was some years ago, it was pioneering but it is overly widespread, but maybe it is when things get too common that the quality of the blogger
comes out. i m terrible at blogging but with everything in life if something is done in a honest way with a passion and a neverending desire of improvement there is quality. in italian to say that something is done with quality it is said a regola d arte which means in the right way and lòiterally following the rules of art. so as a consequence blogging can be made with exellence. it is art?dunno it depends on you and what other people say. i can very contradictory and hermetic. i think u should do blogging and drawing
Art being expresion, It is an art. It is a vehicle for art.
i would love to believe ,,
blogging is an art form .. .. .

and i do believe !
The best definition of art I've ever read was the other day in a business book by Al Ries. The Fall of Advertising and Rise of PR He (and his co-author daughter Laura) said that history shows us that what becomes artforms are dead forms of communication. In other words communication mediums that are not needed any more. You know like bronze was once needed to communicate what Gods looked like, poetry, fairy tales, limmericks–they kept lessons intact for us as we passed them down through song and rhyme. Painting was for recording what people or places looked like, that's all they had. Along came photography and now where are we?
Is blogging an art forum?
I’m late to blogging as I only started about 2 months ago, but I would have to suggest that I believe that some bloggers can be regarded as artists absolutely and sure why not. If we look at the 18th century ideas of the public sphere or today’s blogosphere trend’s in fact, Blogs are allowing the author/creator to focus on what they want to express, discuss, reflect, discover online. I feel it has a direct link to how we judge the relevance of what is important in our own personal lives, finding likeminded people that are creating communities that have similar interests, like this artsreview discussion page for instance. The global conversation that is happing mainly through blogs (again this is I’m my opinion) is art through conversation and experience.
Blogs are commonly very personal journals/accounts that have a particular focus, and in many ways, very like the creative process, by starting to develop into an experience for the creator but also for the readers, in this way its nearly like reading a book, watching a film, or being part of a pantomime and as a audience you can heckle or give praise if you so choose but also give advice or assistance. I feel it allows the viewer/participant and to become engaged... And believe that blogs are part of our cultural/ social context. Blogs are of course a tool/vehicle/objective but we can look at any traditional arts and say it is only a canvas, an instrument, a stage or a journal; all are nothing until the interaction/involvement of the creator and viewer.
blogging as art nah !
Hi Justin,
for the purpose of clarity, why do you suggest it is not possible?

Justin Baldwin said:
blogging as art nah !
another documantation form for art maybe? I find the question really intereting, make it amazing and then its art?
vuisual, tectile or printed out.. The art of conversation trhough internett media!

hello all,
Yes, it is an interesting question to be sure. I do not think of it as an "art form", more as a tool to promote it. You can also talk about your work, get opinions or share them with others too.

But keep in mind that it can take a fair amount of time, especially if it is your own blog. You need to keep it up and check for unwanted language and so on.

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Aren't we just repeating old arguments here? Whenever a new form or medium breaks through many people refuse to acknowledge it as art. It happened with photography and wasn't until movements in the early 20th century, lead by Steiglitz, that the medium was looked at differently and appreciated as art. I think it depends on the blog. Just as not all photographs fall into the category of art, not all blogs would fall into that category either.

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