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With the US recession seeming more and more likely, people are turning to art as a secure investment and as a hedge against inflation due to the very low correlation between the art market and more mainstream investment markets like the stock market. Even in a down market, prices hold-up better for fine art, better than any type of object.
The best way to make a killing investing in art is to pick the next big thing before everyone else does.
"Why an emerging artist?"....Well, in the same way that stock market investors get into the habit of attaching too much worth to their favorite stock despite all fundamental evidence to the contrary, artificially upholding its value 'til the very end, art enthusiasts too often 'place their bets' based upon name, or brand, recognition, when it is more often than not the lesser-known artists who are the better value.
When looking at investing in art it is easy to focus purely on the aesthetics which is really only part of the investment. If you purchase an artwork you are not just investing in the artwork its self, you are also investing in the artists career which is especially important when looking at emerging artists.

I use emerging artist LORD TOPH for this example.

* The works of LORD TOPH prove that he is a promising emerging artist, and he is the next great master.
* His diversity is unmatched in the market.
* LORD TOPH is no newcomer in the realm of fine art.
* He started painting at the age of 5, and sold his first commission at the age of 12.
* After high school, LORD TOPH received his formal training at the Memphis Academy of Arts, where he majored in painting, and design.
* He has been placed in several galleries in the US and has had several successful showings, publications, benefits, exhibitions, and auctions, including TV talk shows and news attention.
* Collectors of LORD TOPH's art spread Coast to Coast, including NBA Hall Of Famer Sidney Moncrief. He also presented a piece for Sean Puffy Combs.
* The works of LORD TOPH have been compared to that of Pablo Picasso, Kandinsky, Modigliani, Cézanne, Matisse, and Van Gogh. Without a doubt his work is singular among many.

It has been said that he is the "Shakespeare" of Fine Art, and his works are simply Divine.

LORD TOPH gives us almost everything that we should look for when investing in an emerging artist. The only thing I was looking for was a "well established gallery" offering his works. He does currently show in a Carmel, California gallery along with his studio in New York.
I did have the chance to email his representative who did notify me that they have a few San Francisco and New York area galleries that they are in the middle of contract negotiations with, but still deciding on representation. She did tell me that they are looking for nonexclusive representation.That can be a challenge in California, and New York.
Since LORD TOPH wants to be able to offer his works globally, and not just in 1 gallery, this is why he is not yet featured in a "well established" gallery.
Usually when a gallery or agent decides to contract an artist they want exclusive representation. Exclusive representation means that the agent or gallery will not allow the artist to sell their work to any other buyer. All sales have to go through the gallery (or agent).

Now is the time to go for the non-traditional investments and to look to instruments that over time will, and have, served as true stores of value, such as ART, and when investing in art invest in the next great master.
~Brenda Weiss

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