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You all surely know digg.com, de.licio.us, etc. all that bookmarking stuff on th net which can boost your wesite to the search engine and traffic hights.

Now we all and everyone have Art News Central
http://www.artnewscentral.com , revolutionising and concentrating the information flow on the internet.
This is the major change of the news delivery in the artworld. Within 3 short steps you can be a publisher and soon earn for you work as a publisher and researcher at www.artnewscentral.com

Just try it

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New feature about sharing the advertising income with users is comming this year. Every member who publish art news boomarks will earn 50% of the andvertising income generated by ads diplayed on his bookmark.
I gone through both websites. really all are very nice. many useful points are given this site. thanks.......

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The site proven to be a fruitful for the publishers and i am impressed with the site.

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