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How come Puerto Rican art is so little known in the international contemporary art circle and even less exhibited or collected? - Is there a connection between this deficit and the unresolved political status of one of the world's last colonies? - Should Puerto Rican art be labeled geographically or politically, as Caribbean, Latin American, American, Global or Colonial?

Trying to answer these questions is one of my research goals. But starting to change something is the motivation behind this website.

El-Status.com is an independent platform that helps you to enter the fascinating Puerto Rican art scene (on the island and in the Diaspora) without having to leave your desk.

Also it is a growing tool for artists and institutions in Puerto Rico that want to connect with the outside world through fairs and biennals, contests, field trips and correspondence.

This site is for art lovers, curators, art historians, collectors, art institutions, art critics, students and art dealers around the globe - in short: For you!


Lisa Ladner, founder

30'000 different visitors from more than 90 countries have visited el-status.com between 2005 and 2007. Among other resources, there are now over 670 artists listed in the el-status.com database.

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i don t why but coul not get throught.well i think Puero Rico, central america and southamerica are victime to the Monroe doctrien which exist for
i could not go throughu, I think Puerto Rico central america still fall still in the Monroe Doctrine haunting latin america for more than a century, to paraphrase everything from the americas stays in the americas. Without Latin Americans the united stated would not ve works for humble badly paid works. with the Arts it is the same, they fuel private collections in the usa and it is the great renovation for art in th usa. But it stays in the us and only blockbuster art is exported world wide like hollywood.



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