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I'm not a slave to art, I love it.... and I think it loves me now!

I have been allowing my creative juices to flow at a natural trickle for the last few years, and as a consequence I feel more content with my artwork than at any other time in my life..

I used to think... If only more people could see my work then maybe someone might actually like it enough to buy it...

I used to say.... "I paint whatever I want and if someone likes it enough to buy it, then great."
Really I was only kidding myself... In all honesty from the moment I size a canvass I was telling myself this is the one.... the one that everybody will love........


Well all that hogwash is over!....... These days I'm more relaxed, I do a bit of non-art related work to pay the bills and generally institute the art ethic as and when I can be arsed.
I drink more tea, care little about the state of the economy..... "which is consistent with our politicians" and generally enjoy the idle life as much as possible.

I was just wondering if I was in a minority of one or whether I was following a well trodden path ????

If I can dispense a bit off free advise..... Cast off the jacket of financial restraint and live to work... don't work to live!


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Hi, I see your point.
I work as a physics teacher to get money and do art in my spare time. So this takes the pressure off completely and I just paint what I like when I like. I can imagine I would be very stressed if I had the pressure of selling art to live. So I think there is a certain amount of sense in what you are saying!

Tea is good, it is necessary for artists.


Victoria Folgate's Facebook Page
Victoria Folgate's Facebook Page
I agree with you. I find it much easier to focus on my creative endeavors when I'm not trying to use them to pay the bills. When you think of it in terms of a sale then you have to think about the end viewer, the market, the pricing structure... the list is endless. When you create because you feel the need to, because you have something to share, then you can be free to just let it flow.

I've been enjoying honey, lemon, ginseng flavored green tea lately :)
I have never been so busy as I am know..... what is it with the world. When I want them, they're are rare as Hens teeth. Just as I'm beginning to enjoy myself.... taking it easy knocking out the stuff that makes me happy, I'm beating them off with a stick.

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