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can be a problem.
i try to smother mine with a pillow
or drop a toaster into the tub it bathes in.
it is hard to kill.

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did you fail?
all the time :)
Ego is useful. A tool. For defending what is MY BANANA against other monkeys who want to steal MY BANANA I SAID NO!. But it seems to have ideas above its station and thinks it can rule the world. Not so useful. It's good for bananas but not good for anything else.
I'd shoot the bugger and be done with it!
"Dont smother your ego, its all you have."
This is the myth that ego permits: I am all there is. There is much more, but one has to get past the doorkeeper to start the journey. And it's the journey that's FUNNNNNNN!
But you have to have the heart to walk it, and ego does not equip one with such capability: most people don't even hear the call... to the big FUNNNNNNNN!
I just read all the comments. Do you think there is a culturally acceptable difference between male ego and female ego?
I'm concerned with ego as well. I find it's gotten in the way of so many other things and tripped me up, but mostly when insecurity is at it's root. Perhaps that's not such an issue with art, I don't know yet. But I am doing a series of paintings that have something to say about ego.
our egoes have there place the problem is that people mistake thier ego for who they are
"Do you think there is a culturally acceptable difference between male ego and female ego?"

This is a very interesting question, on several levels: the gender angle and the culturally acceptable aspect. It's giving me much food for thought, so thank you. I might have a proper response in a few days but not right now as it's not the kind of question I want to just give a knee-jerk response to. Would appreciate hearing others' thoughts too on this...

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