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I currently feel like I am destroying all future prospects of being an artist by being at an art school which I do not feel comfortable in, Manchester Metropolitan University's School of Art.
Should I waste a year of my life and quite a bit of money by re-applying to a London university, or stay the course, I have only been here 2 and a half months.
Please be honest, I really want to succeed.

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Give it six months and then see how you feel, it could be the newness that is affecting you. However I also hated art collage...it doesnt suit everybody and it can make you synical and it can change your work. You have to be strong to withstand the politics and bitchiness that is part of the process. "Getting there" and being sucessful has nothing to do with credentials...its about belief in yourself and dedication to your work. good luck. Julie
Quit. For about ten years I had a small art school in Albuquerque, NM, USA. Several of my students had quit art school out of frustration. Others had graduated in painting, but had no idea how to put a painting together. Art school taught these folks nothing. Unhappy students need to go to their deans and demand something useful for their tuition. Threaten legal action. The school has to meet your needs.

If you go to some other school, before applying, talk with the faculty and look at their artwork. Tell them what you didn't like about where you are now. Will they help you reach your goals? Ask them if they will be teaching your classes? Graduate student instructors do not know anything.

Personally, I have a BS in chemistry, a useful degree, but a skill I soon gave up. I have a masters in painting. I have painted most of my life. I leaned a great deal in a short time from two teachers - the late Jim Steg and Edward Avidesian. The rest is time in the studio.


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