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I've begun to do the things listed below so that I will be better prepared in 2009. My Marketing Plan and a jump on 2009!

This week is a busy one with the holidays upon us and I am looking ahead at 2009 for a plan. Sometimes it feels like I am just spinning my wheels, but if I don't, I feel I will be buried under the rubble! Is it better to sink or swim...? I choose to SWIM :)

I have created handouts with business cards attached and an opportunity for businesses to hang my work at their establishments for FREE (how can they resist!) and earn 20% commissions on sales from my work.

I've sent mailers out to wineries and will soon be posting postcard size replicas of my work at Coffee houses and where ever I see postings.

I will try to be more active in the local art associations and sign up for more shows.

Most of all I need to work on Series paintings. When hung together they compliment each other and make a more positive statement.

I've created and published in hardback and softback 2 ArtBooks for a Professional Portfolio for myself and for Artist Friends that I also promote. These will be used for Submissions to Exhibits...and sales.

I'm conversing and blogging :) to have a more online presence, on about 4 websites.

I've created an "Art Blog" called "Conversations with an Artist" at my official website http://web.mac.com/poetryoncanvas/Site/Art_Live.html    

Let's see if I see some doors opening... How can they not if I put a positive foot forward and Open the Door and Step Through! God Bless us all in 2009*

.....Is there anything I'm overlooking? Claudette

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